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Build a Bot

  1. Follow the instructions for this project.
  2. Read the rules below.
  3. Build your bot as Player 1.
  4. Your opponent should follow the same steps as above.
  5. Copy your Project Id (the numbers from your Scratch URL) into the Player 1 Project Id space.
  6. Copy your opponent's Project Id (the numbers from their Scratch URL) into the Player 2 Project Id space.
  7. Collect more targets than your opponent to win!
  8. Click the link to watch them play head to head!


  • You will be disqualified if you don't follow these rules:

    1. Almost No Motion Blocks.The only motion blocks you may use are for detecting your location. You may use:
      • x position
      • y position
      • direction
    2. No Looks Blocks.You may not change the color, size, or shape of your bot
    3. No Sound Blocks.You may not use sounds for your bot
    4. No Pen Blocks.You may not use pen blocks for your bot
    5. Some Data Blocks.You may use data blocks. You are allowed to use all of the variables, however, you may not set or change the following variables
      • Game Status
      • Timer
      • Player 1 Score
      • Player 2 Score
      • Player 1 Name
      • Player 2 Name
    6. Some Event Blocks.You may use event blocks. You may receive any broadcast. You are not allowed to use
      • When Key Pressed
      • When This Sprite Clicked
      • Broadcast Game Over
      • Broadcast Player Collision
    7. Some Control Blocks.You may use control blocks. You are not allowed to use
      • Stop
      • When I Start as a Clone
      • Create Clone of
      • Delete Clone
    8. Some Sensing Blocks.You may use control blocks. You are not allowed to use
      • Touching Mouse Pointer (Only mouse pointer is illegal, sensing other touches is legal)
      • Distance to Mouse Pointer
      • Ask
      • Answer
      • Key Pressed
      • Mouse Down
      • Mouse X
      • Mouse Y
      • Loudness
      • Video On
      • Turn Video
      • Set Video Transparency To
      • Timer
      • Reset Timer
      • Current (Minute, Hour, etc.)
      • Days Since 2000
      • Username
    9. All Operator Blocks.You may any operator block you would like
    10. All More Blocks.You may any operator blocks from More Blocks you would like. Set Player Name Must be the second block after your green flag. You may create your own blocks as well, as long as they do not violate the other rules.
  • Your bot will not work if:

    1. You change the name of the sprite. It has to be "Player 1"
    2. You are editing any Sprite besides "Player 1"
    3. You move or remove the "setPlayerName" block (it must be second)
    4. Your blocks are not attached
    5. You didn't create a scratch account, so you are only editing the starter project
    6. You didn't remix, so you don't have a project number
    7. You didn't save, so your bot didn't update

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