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For teachers, one of our least favorite questions of all time has to be, "When am I ever going to use this?" It can be hard to motivate students when the answer is, "15 years from now when you are an engineer."

A basketball coach is never asked that question. The answer would be obvious. "You will use the skills to compete in the game this weekend!" The quick payoff helps students work hard to learn new skills. Code Championship is bringing that competitive drive to computer coding.

Just like gymnastics, dance, or basketball, competitive coding pushes us to be great. Build a computer bot to play head-to-head against other coders! Students will be broken into sections based on age for competitive and fair play. These camps and one-day events are for Minnesotans 15 and under. Whether this is your first time at a Code Championship event, or if you've been preparing all year, these events are the perfect way to explore the competitive coding world of Code Championship. No previous coding experience necessary.

The state tournament - Minnesota Code Championship - is a partnership between High Tech Kids and Abamath.

High Tech Kids has helped over 50,000 students discover the fun in science and technology since 1999. Abamath has been leading computer coding camps through community education since 2014.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out!