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Code Championship is a competitive computer coding platform for teachers, parents and coding instructors.

To Create a Tournament, your coders need to know:

  • how to type
  • how to use a mouse
  • how to work hard and have fun

Check out this video for a peek into what that looks like!

We are a group of highly energetic teachers and software developers who believe that all students should learn a little bit about code. Even if they're not professional software developers, - and we don't believe everyone has to be - code is going to be such an important part of their lives, that they should know at least a little bit about it.

How do we teach the next generation?

If we've learned anything over the past six years of teaching kids to code, it is that Learning follows Excitement.

How do we excite the next generation?

Competitive computer coding. We wanted to bring a sports-like mentality to code, to make coding more like a sport, and we did it by making code competitive. We created games that make practicing worth it.

Ready to excite the next generation?

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